About The Green Room

Carey Schillig Hair Care is NOW called THE GREEN ROOM.

Iowa's best Organic Vegan Hair Salon and Makeup Studio.

Why did you change your salon name?
During Covid-19 closure, I created an eCommerce organic vegan eco-friendly salon product shop to sell my favorite hand-picked organic vegan beauty products. By taking my business online, I wanted to remove my name from the business and rebrand. Hence, THE GREEN ROOM was born.

Why did you create an eCommerce online shop?,...to earn a little bit of income,...for survival, ...and Because nontoxic beauty products are my JAM. Aka Organic Vegan product junkie, has been a passion I have continally developed for many years. I spend my spare time researching different nontoxic beauty product lines that are mostly plant based, natural, and free from harmful chemicals.
Why? Because I want the best, healthiest, and safest salon products FOR my clients and friends. Also,...I have CRAZY senstive skin and major allergies. Because of my sensitivities, I have developed a habit of looking at ingredients and beauty product descriptions.

The Green Room has so many different meanings and discussions. If any of these descriptions ring your bells,...You Belong Here :)

I am a nontoxic human who uses and consumes nontoxic products while respecting animals, my body, my soul, and the earth. I am looking forward to working with you.   ~Carey